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Savvy Traveler Products Review on Examiner!

Feel first class fabulous anytime, anywhere thanks to Savvy Traveler
April 17, 2015 11:14 PM MST 
Leslie Meyer, Make-Up Examiner, Examiner.com
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The Jet Set.
Savvy Traveler

Premier lifestyle brand Savvy Traveler has just solved so many of our travel problems and annoyances with their clever and convenient line of disposable must-haves. Created by Tina Aldatz and Margarita Floris, the amazing duo behind the wildly successful product, Foot Petals, Savvy Traveler is dedicated to the health and wellness of the on-the-go consumer.

With items available for both personal and surface use, these single use products will keep you feeling clean and refreshed and help your fave travel items stay sanitary. The line of totally amazing kits and single use packets, including personal cleansing products that do not require any water to be added, can truly be used easily anytime, anywhere to feel first class fabulous!

We recommend the Liquid Kourage bag and Jet Set kit for feeling fab and refreshed on-the-go. Make your life a little easier with this duo that will give you so many things you need without taking up a lot of space or making a mess. You won't have to worry with spilling these or making any messes! The TSA compliant Liquid Kourage bag is stylish, durable and see through, so it's perfect for traveling through the airport. The recommended Jet Set kit includes three No Sweat deodorant wipes, three In the Klear performance wipes- perfect for glasses and technology items, three Take Offz facial cleansing wipes and three Speak Easy smile refreshing wipes that will kiss bad breath goodbye. 

Savvy Traveler has also created another must-have product for airport travel that you will want to add to your shopping list before your next vacation or business trip. SafeT-Stepz are perfect for protecting bare feet while traveling through airport security. These breathable foam sole protectors can also be worn under socks for protection, plus they have a soft grip bottom that prevents slipping and sliding. Now, there is so much less to worry about thanks to these revolutionary sole protectors. How did we ever travel without these? 

Want to see even more of the incredible, eco-friendly travel products that are available from Savvy Traveler? Check out their website at www.beasavvytraveler.com